Kalifornia (1993)

Από χθες έχει κολλήσει στο κεφάλι μου αυτή η ταινία.

Adele Corners: Will you tell me more about California?

Early Grayce: Yeah, I guess so. Let's see. One thing, people think faster out there on the account of all that warm weather. Cold weather makes people stupid. That's a fact.

Adele Corners: I guess that explains why there's so many stupid people around here.

Early Grayce: It sure does. You know what else? You never have to buy no fruit on account it's all on the trees everywhere you turn. And they ain't got no speed limits. I hear your first month's rent is free, state law. So I'm thinking till we get settled we'll just move around from month to month. How will that be with you, momma?

Adele Corners: What are we going to do out there, Early?

Early Grayce: By God the first thing we're going to do is get us! A couple of six-packs of Lucky Lager and we're going to climb up to that famous Hollywood sign. We're going to howl at the moon, goddamn it.


Early Grayce: Yeah, just like that.

Adele Corners: I heard once that there ain't nothing on that old moon except some little golf balls the astronauts left behind.

Early Grayce: Nah, that ain't right. That's bullshit. The government be sending people there all the time. Just don't want us to know about it.

Early Grayce: What is that?

Adele Corners: That's Lucy. Hey, that's mine.

Early Grayce: Adele, what kind of cuckoo-brain carries a cactus in her purse? Huh?

Adele Corners: I don't know.

Early Grayce: Straighten up.

Adele Corners: Oh Jesus, Early, they look kinda weird.

Early Grayce: Will you just smile and let me do the talking.

Adele Corners: How many times are you going to tell me that?

Early Grayce: As many times it takes, Adele.

Brian Kessler: How many people have you killed, Early?

Early Grayce: Well, now, how many people have you seen me kill, Bri?

Brian Kessler: None.

Early Grayce: That's how many I killed. Brian

Kessler: If you say so.

Early Grayce: Damn right I do. Shut up! Eat your food. You ain't never killed no one, have you, Bri?

Brian Kessler: No.

Early Grayce: No. Ain't seen nobody killed either, have you?

Brian Kessler: No, I haven't.

Early Grayce: No. Tell me something, big time. How are you going to write a book about something you know nothing about?


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